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Posts: 993
SyMenu Open folder

SyMenu version 2.04 or higher.

I really hate when SyMenu opens a folder in Windows Explorer because I'm used to work with some Explorer replacement tools. BTW my favourite one is Total Commander.
Well when SyMenu opens a folder I usually have to copy the full path from Explorer and past it to TC to do what I need because I totally disaccustomed to the way Explorer works.

But since SyMenu supports a "rude and raw" plugin system, why don't write anything to make this work for me??? Well this is the spirit of IT programs!!

This is a very first release of the plugin. It only works when the Explorer replacement is already running and I add 4 possible programs: Free Commander, Multi Commander, Total Commander, Unreal Commander.

- Download the archive and extract the entire folder contained into \SyMenu\Plugin\


2013.11.14 - New Version v0.2
- Fixed some bug in Total Commander: now the new tab is opened on active side and not always on the left one.

2014.09.21 - New Version v0.3
- Added XYplorer.

2015.01.03 - New Version v0.4
- Added Q-Dir.

2015.01.14 - New Version v0.5
- Bug fix.

2015.08.09 - New Version v0.6
- Added Double Commander

2017.02.25 - New Version v0.7
- Fix for Unreal Commander beta version

2018.01.02 - New Version v0.8

- Added Cubic Explorer
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