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Privacy policy
This privacy policy describes the UGMFree policies and procedures about the collection, use, disclosure, and conservation of your personal information and personal data when you use the UGMFree web site or SyMenu program.
UGMFree is the data controller for your personal information

The Information We Collect
As a UGMFree forum subscriber or SyMenu user you accept that the following data are registered into the system:
- email address;
- name (optional) and surname (optional);
- IP address

If you choose not to disclose certain personal information, you can't use the services.

The email address is used for forum password recovery and for internal messaging system.
The name and surname aren't published neither used (only the nick name will).
The IP address is used to anonymously geolocalize users for statistical reasons. The statistics are per Country and per cities. The IP addresses are not linked to the users or the user's profiles.

Your content
The content you produce on the forum web site is collected, linked to you, and stored.
Your content, date and time stamps, and all associated comments, are publicly viewable, along with your user name.
Everything is also indexed by search engines.

Automatically Collected Information About Your Activity.
We use cookies, log files, local storage objects, and other tracking technologies to automatically collect information about your activities through the Google Analytics tools.
The Google Analytics tools are adjusted to immediately anonymize your data.

Purposes and Legal Bases for Our Using of Your Information
We do not sell, communicate, or share your personal data – such as your name and contact information – to third parties for no reason.

How We Protect Your Information
The entire communication among you and the web site occurs on a secure protocol.
The database where your data are stored is located in a protected area of the web server.
The access to the web server protected area are limited.
Your password is encrypted.
Despite this cautions no website or Internet transmission is completely secure.

Access and Amend Your Information
You may update or correct your account information at any time by logging in to your account.

Deleted or Deactivated Account.
If you want to deactivate or delete your Account, please send a message to the administrator through the contact form available here, then you will no longer receive any communications from us, and users will not be able to interact with you. Anyway your content will remain on the UGMFree Platform.
If you want to be unlinked from your content please send a message to the administrator and your username, name and surname will be obfuscated. Anyway your content will remain available.

Retention of Your Data
We will retain your profile and related personal information for as long as you have an account with us. If you wish to "be forgotten" by UGMFree you will need to ask to be deleted.

Contact Us
If you have any questions about our practices or this Privacy Policy, please contact us at

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