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XOWA (x86)
SPS by mimic

Release: 2020-10-19
Category: Internet - Offline Browsers
Size: 126201Kb
Dependency: Java 1.7+
Not stealth:
Publisher: gnosygnu (GitHub)
Web site:

+++ The free, open-source, offline wiki application +++ XOWA is the free, open-source application that lets you download Wikipedia to your computer. Access all of Wikipedia offline -- without an internet connection! Features: ~~~~~~ => Download a complete, recent copy of English Wikipedia => Display 5.0+ million articles in full HTML formatting => Show images within an article. Access 5.0+ million images using the offline image databases => Set up over 800+ other wikis including: --> Wiktionary, Wikisource, Wikiquote and Wikivoyage (all English) --> Non-English wikis, such as French Wiktionary, German Wikisource, Dutch Wikivoyage --> Wikidata --> Wikimedia Commons --> Wikispecies --> ... and many more! => Update your wiki whenever you want, using Wikimedia's database backups => Navigate between offline wikis. Click on "Look up this word in Wiktionary" and instantly view the page in Wiktionary => Edit articles to remove vandalism or errors => Install to a flash memory card for portability to other machines => Run on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Raspberry Pi, and Android => View the HTML for any wiki page => Search for any page by title using a Wikipedia-like Search box => Browse pages by alphabetical order using Special:AllPages => Find a word on a page => Access a history of viewed pages => Bookmark your favorite pages *************************************************************** Please have a look at the officiall web site for documentation in detail with screenshots and videos, sources for wiki dump files and much more other useful information.


General Public License (GPL) Version 3 or alternatively Apache License Version 2.0 *************************************************************** You may use XOWA according to either of these licenses as is most apropriate for your project on a case-by-case basis.
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