Download the latest version of SyMenu

Zip zip package (72.547 Kb)
With the zip package you need an unpacker program to unzip SyMenu.
Put the unzipped files into an empty folder and execute the file SyMenu.exe
Exe exe package (52.771 Kb)
With the exe package, execute the downloaded exe file and follow the instruction.
When finished you can execute the file SyMenu.exe

Warning & Bug fix

[2010.02.21] - Version 1.09.3703 can't scan empty folders in Batch importer.
If you downloaded that version please download the fixed one (v.1.09.3704).

SyMenu requirements and prerequisites

SyMenu runs on Windows 10 and Windows 11 (both 32bit and 64bit versions)

Language files

English US -
Chinese (Simplified) - 小恐龙 (xkonglong)
Chinese (Traditional) - 陳嚮陽 (Yang)
Czech - Richard Kahl
Finnish - VeikkoM
French - Marc Giraudou
Greek - Ilias Mitzias
Italian -
Korean - Wonjae Park
Polish - Radek Skórzak (Radsoft)
Portuguese Brazilian - Rogério Silva
Portuguese - Luis Neves
Slovenian - Jadran Rudec
Spanish - Ignacio Bezanilla Díaz
Turkish - Erhan Kültür
Ukrainian - Yuri Dobryansky

If someone want to help with new translations feel free to contact me.

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