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Windows Update Blocker
SPS by mrx

Version: 1.8
Release: 2023-06-09
Category: System - Installation/Configuration
Size: 1044Kb
Not stealth:
Publisher: Sordum
Web site:

With Windows Update Blocker, the service for automatic Windows updates can be completely deactivated with just one mouse click and reactivated later - an option that newer Windows versions no longer offer. Microsoft Defender updates remain unaffected. The program allows you to enter additional services in the Wub.ini file within the "[Service_List]" section. For example, if you want to block the "Windows Update Medic Service", enter its name "WaaSMedicSvc" in a new line, supplemented by e.g. "=3,4" for "Default Service Type = Manual" and "Disabled Service Type = Disabled". A maximum of 25 services can be added, whereby the Wuausrv service is only available for information purposes and cannot be changed. All services configured in the Wub.ini file are listed in "Service List Option" and can be checked individually from here. NOTE: If the Windows Updates service is deactivated, some Windows processes attempt to repair it, which can damage it. If Windows Update does not start even though you have activated it, restart your system and try again. If Windows Update still does not work after restarting the system, use the "Update Troubleshooter" from Microsoft.

If you get any kind of trouble with this SPS, or any other published by mrx: Please just contact me for support. I will help you to find a solution & maybe, by the way, you can help to increase the quality of SyMenu Suite & help other users. Thanks to and original SPS submitted by: P1R9T3

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