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SPS by HazteK Software

Release: 2019-09-21
Category: Internet - Bookmark Managers
Size: 1654Kb
Not stealth:
Publisher: HazteK Software
Web site:

StorURL is an offline bookmark manager for Windows desktops. It helps you to store links to all of your favorite websites in one central repository. It works with the browsers installed on your system so you can open your links in any web browser available to you from one central interface.


Disclaimer: This program is offered to the Public without warranty and is offered as-is. The author takes no responsibility implied or otherwise to the loss/damage of data or information. Although this software is released with a 'freeware' license, it is not public domain. You may redistribute this software as you see fit, as long as no fee is charged for said software and this file is included in its original form. HazteK Software holds the copyrights and trademark names for StorURL and the source code. Any attempt to modify or change the software without express written consent by the author is strictly prohibited. For more information about this license, or if you would like to include the software on some form of mass production digital media collection, please contact HazteK Software.
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