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Safe Mode Launcher
SPS by P1R9T3

Version: 1.1.0
Release: 2022-01-02
Category: System - Administration
Size: 1033Kb
Not stealth:
Publisher: Sordum
Web site:

Safe Mode Launcher is a portable utility that gives you a simple option through a Windows GUI for the Safe Mode options. Rather than navigating around to msconfig, for instance, Safe Mode Launcher provides a direct path to your safe mode options displayed from a clean and tidy window. Operation of Safe Mode Launcher is straightforward, with all boot mode options prominently displayed. Select your desired option and hit apply. Additionally, Safe Mode Launcher offers access to several other areas of interest, depending on the situation at hand. These options include Start Repair Mode, Restart Windows, Start msconfig; among several others are available through the menu dropdown. One point stands out, sometimes a Windows Installer (MSI) service will not work by default in Windows Safe Mode. This interruption can be annoying because you possibly have an installed app in normal mode, which can later prevent the OS from starting and will not allow removal in safe mode. If you try to uninstall an app that was installed from an MSI package in safe mode, you will get an error stating that the ""Windows Installer Service Could Not Be Accessed."" Safe Mode Launcher effectively remedies this by enabling the Windows Installer in Safe Mode (You can also add other services you need to be started automatically in safe mode to the ""SafeMode.ini"" file). Safe Mode Launcher also supports Command Line Parameters, details can be located under the Menu option. Safe Mode Launcher, as mentioned above, is portable, allowing you to take it with you on a flash drive. And the fact that it permits you to enter into Boot mode options with minimal clicks makes it an excellent choice for novice and experienced users alike.


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