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Version: 16.2.32
Release: 2024-05-13
Category: Productivity
Size: 44605Kb
Not stealth: Yes, if launched with the ' -portable' argument
Publisher: Bartels Media GmbH
Web site:

PhraseExpress is a keyboard macro utility that manages all your frequently used text phrases from a taskbar icon and allows you to paste them into any application with a single mouse click, a keyboard shortcut, or a text macro command. The program is ideal for email reply templates, signatures, addresses, and any other information that you find yourself typing repeatedly. PhraseExpress also includes powerful macro functions to launch programs, files or email messages, offers support for dynamic macro commands and comes with a unique text-prediction feature.

Launch with the ' -portable' argument. Otherwise settings are written to C:\..\..\AppData\Roaming\PhraseExpress

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