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NewFileTime (x64)
SPS by SyMenu Suite

Version: 7.29.0
Release: 2024-07-24
Category: Files - Attribute Tools
Size: 248Kb
Not stealth:
Publisher: SoftwareOK
Web site:

+++ Modify timestamps of files and folders +++ NewFileTime is a small but effective tool that provides you easy access to corrections and manipulation of timestamps for any file/ folder on your system. Furthermore the website offers a good documentation with a FAQ section, examples of usage and even a video. Key features: ~~~~~~~~~ ◆ Summer time and winter time stamp corrections ◆ Multiple files support ◆ Change timestamp plus drag and drop ◆ Change File and Folder time via MS Explorer Menu ◆ File Name to File Time Stamp ◆ Edit and import file times in Excel or Calc ****************************************************************** Have a look at the publishers homepage to find more small helpful freeware tools for daily work purpose.


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