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SPS by mrx

Version: 1.38.1
Release: 2024-02-15
Category: System - Stress Tests
Size: 15170Kb
Not stealth:
Publisher: Geeks3D
Web site:

+++ Geeks3D FurMark +++ GPU Stress Test and OpenGL Benchmark FurMark is a lightweight but very intensive graphics card / GPU stress test on Windows platform. It's a quick OpenGL benchmark as well (online scores). FurMark is simple to use and is free. FurMark is one of the most used stress test tool for graphics cards. It's an OpenGL-based app that uses fur rendering algorithms to stress and measure the performance of the graphics card. The high power draw required by FurMark puts under pressure the GPU and VRMs (voltage regulator module) of the graphics hardware. Fur rendering is especially adapted to overheat the GPU and that's why FurMark is also a good stability and stress test tool (also called GPU burner) for the graphics card.

Since the official download link does not work with SyMenu, the original file is stored in my own OneDrive. If the download from OneDrive does not work, please try several times, after a while it will work. If you get any kind of trouble with this SPS, or any other published by mrx: Please just contact me for support. I will help you to find a solution & maybe, by the way, you can help to increase the quality of SyMenu Suite & help other users.

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