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Eddie (x64)
SPS by nemesys

Version: 2.21.6
Release: 2022-04-23
Category: Security - VPN
Size: 9808Kb
Dependency: Windows 10/11
Not stealth:
Publisher: AirVPN
Web site:

AirVPN Client for Windows 10 - Eddie is a free and open source (GPLv3) OpenVPN wrapper with additional features like: • User-friendly UI • Multiplatform support: Windows, macOS, Android, GNU/Linux (with particular effort to support a lot of distro) with multiple architectures: x64, x86, armv7i, aarch64 (Raspberry) • Censorship counter-measures, like tunnel over SSH, over SSL, direct Tor integration • Network lock / leak prevention • Advanced options for DNS, routing, events, leak etc. • Customizable actions triggered by events • CLI edition While Eddie is focused on usage simplicity and quick responsiveness, it also includes features which can be appreciated by the advanced users, such as full control on OpenVPN directives, custom directives and custom routes. It's integrated with AirVPN VPN service (required for some feature like tunnel over SSH/SSL), but can be used standalone with any OpenVPN provider (tick Preferences -> Advanced -> Multi provider to add other providers or even remove AirVPN).

Windows 10 Version

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