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SPS by LeshaRB

Version: 1.0.14
Release: 2024-05-12
Category: Others - EBooks
Size: 18710Kb
Not stealth:
Publisher: coolreader-ng
Web site:

crqt-ng is an e-book reader. In fact, it is a Qt frontend for the crengine-ng library. Supported platforms: Windows, Linux, MacOS. Basically all platforms that are supported by crengine-ng, Qt and cmake. Supported e-book formats through the use of the crengine-ng library: fb2, fb3 (incomplete), epub (non-DRM), doc, docx, odt, rtf, pdb, mobi (non-DRM), txt, html, Markdown, chm, tcr. Main functions: Ability to display 2 pages at the same time Displaying and Navigating Book Contents Text search Text selection Copy the selected text to the clipboard Word hyphenation using hyphenation dictionaries Most complete support for FB2 - styles, tables, footnotes at the bottom of the page Extensive font rendering capabilities: use of ligatures, kerning, hinting option selection, floating punctuation, simultaneous use of several fonts, including fallback fonts Detection of the main font incompatible with the language of the book Reading books directly from a ZIP archive TXT auto reformat, automatic encoding recognition Flexible styling with CSS files Background pictures, textures, or solid background HiDPI support Multi-tabbed interface


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