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Version: 1.4.9
Release: 2016-02-07
Category: Productivity - Clipboard Tools
Size: 751Kb
Not stealth:
Publisher: Amuns
Web site:

A feature-rich, customizable, and easy-to-use clipboard manager. It supports "set phrases" (possible to sort into groups and add memos) and changing of the format of the content within the clipboard history (regular expression of find and replace text, aligning similar pattern etc). The program offers different copy/paste modes (FIFO/LIFO), shortcut keys, incremental search, encryption (using a startup password), selection of multiple items, backup/restore and more. The program can store up to 1,000 clipboard items. This is the english version of Cliboar.

Double clicking Ctrl key is the default key to bring up the list to select what to paste from. Alternatively this can be changed. There are also various startup parameters that may be used, listed here (under Startup parameters):

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