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Posts: 1010
Dear SyMenu users,

The new version is now available for everyone to download.
The full changelog is available on the download page.

As usual, I take advantage of this post, to explain the most obscure, strange, or inexplicable features delivered with the new version.

Why do I remove the option to choose the SPS definition update interval?
Because I was tired of investigating issues caused by outdated app definitions.

It's like an AV software company that is asked to explain why their software didn't protect a computer when the user has outdated definitions... senseless huh!

From this version, whenever you start SyMenu, you allow the program to check for the app definitions.

The automatic check happens once a day, but, as usual you can force it to happen more, pressing the special button.

There is a way to completely disable the app definition check but, if you need it, please contact me in private because I need to know what reason you get.

If there are particular scenarios where this block is really senseful, I can implement a public option to freely disable the check.


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