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Posts: 25
SyMenu Backup v1.0.0.2
Hello, SyMenu users! Regardless of the displayed plugin version, this is actually the first public release of this plugin.



The executable actually contains the SyMenuBackup exe and several .dll files like the ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib, irrKlang.NET4, Ookii.Dialogs and ScrollingBox (that's why it is 2MB large) and because of that some anti-viruses may trigger false-positive alerts.
The big problem is that I can not recompile the project to deliver an unpacked version because I already altered the shared source code files when I started experimenting with WPF, so now I have an invalid WinForms VisualStudio solution with missing and modified files that do not work anymore.
The next release will be an improved WPF version and will be delivered both packed and unpacked.

- The purpose of this plugin is to allow the user to easily and selectively create backups of the SyMenu program files and settings.
- It is not a particularly useful plugin as you may manually create archived backups of your SyMenu folder, but I have created it as a simple proof of concept model for the SyMenu v2 plugin implementation feature.

- The plugin allows you to select what you want to backup (you can backup all the SyMenu files or just the ones you are interested in), how you want to backup (you can create single or separate archives), a compression method/level for the archive backup, an archive format (note that regardless of the format you choose, the used algorithm is always ZIP- the various formats are just for your convenience in case you want custom extensions), an optional password for the archive and the location to store the backups.

- Download the archive and extract it to \SyMenu\Plugin\
- The extracted folder can be renamed any way you want and it should still work as long as it resides in the Plugin folder under SyMenu.
- NOTE: The plugin is .NET dependent, so if you do not have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0.30319 installed, chances are the plugin won't work (but give it a try anyway if you are willing).
- It was tested on XP and Windows 7.

- The posted version of the plugin is fully working, but it's far from being the final version of what I initially had in mind for it. It is made of WinForms for C#, but I intend to make it WPF and add a lot more features to it. I would've had it finished by now if I wasn't a prick that can't hold to commitments, so my apologies go to Gianluca (the SyMenu developer) and the community.
- Most credits go to Gianluca as he has helped me a lot and I encourage everyone with a minimum programming skill set to have a try at creating plugins. It's a fun and interesting experience, and Gianluca is really supportive.

Thank you.
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