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Posts: 230

Posts: 230
The title isn't quite accurate, but first, I'd like to ask if you know why I can't get Thunderbird (TB) to create a Desktop Shortcut (DS)?
I've tried a few others and they work fine, but SyMenu refuses to display one for TB.

I don't actually want the DS, but instead the Target in the shortcut's properties. I have created a DS for Waterfox, then copied it's Target [\SyMenu\SyMenu.exe -run1d09991b-c35b-4a1a-bb03-4aa3fe583e47] into Rainmeter to use as a launcher for my main apps.

I assume that using this Target will use SyMenu to launch the app and use the arguments created within SyMenu config form, is this correct?

I wondered too, what the Comment [34c9dda7-2422-4e34-82d4-812b004b24c1] was for in the shortcut's properties, is this required in order to use the arguments?

I have found that the Target is in fact written to the 'SyMenuItem' config file. So I managed to find the TB Target ID here. But you should be aware this seems to be a bug that I cannot create a DS for TB.

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