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Posts: 1014
Here we are.
A "real" SyMenu version update, has been missing for many months by now. If I'm not wrong from April 2018. All the following versions brought graphical improvement and UI redraw but very little changes in the program features.
But now it's over, finally, and I'm here again with some real implementations.

Here is the changelog:
  • Breaking change on the customizable menu structure: the Host programs item is now separated from MyComputer item
  • The program logging activity becomes optional and is now on SQLite
  • The item execution can be logged on SQLite
  • An already updated program can be forced to update itself again. It works with auto updatable programs too (0.00)
  • In the configuration form the cursors keys with the SHIFT modifier are able to move the items up, down, up level, and inside the very next folder
  • The item cloning available in the configuration form with drag & drop, can now be done with the special context menu entry too
  • The Visit web site link in configuration form is now a button
  • Fix - Deleting an item that is sharing its program icon with another item, doesn't remove the icon file anymore
  • Fix - The item description textbox in configuration form now selects all its text on enter as the other textboxes

I hope this new version is well valued.
Stay tuned for next news.

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