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Posts: 1021

Posts: 1021

And after almost three months of hard work and pain I finally have something to publish.
Why this new version has been so difficult to create? And what will the new features be?

Well in this version I've implemented absolutely nothing new but I have rewritten completely the UI application (again).
So you'll have a new fantastic graphics in SyMenu, won't you?


I've completely rewritten the program graphics to make it compatible with the hi-res screen monitors.

The hi-res monitors (full HD or UHD or greater) are becoming more and more common in desktop and notebook PCs. With these monitors Windows allows you to zoom everything to avoid too smaller fonts or graphical objects. If the host program is able to manage the different zooming setting, Windows grants a good up-scaling of every objects.

The current SyMenu version solved this problem telling Windows to zoom its forms as they are images. That means an ugly blur effect of everything. If you every seen SyMenu in a UHD monitor you know what I intend.

Now SyMenu is able to draw every component and above all to relocate every component, accordingly with the system dpi zoom, granting you a real new experience with the program.

So why do I release an alpha and not the usual beta?

Because I need your feedback.

I tested the program at various resolutions and with several dpi zoom settings but the real world is more complex than my test environment and so difficult to master.

So if you use a system dpi zoom greater than 100%, please download this version and test it.
If you discover a graphical glitch or an error, I strongly prefer a direct message than a feedback here in the forum, because I surely need to send you a fix to try to solve the problem. This kind of dynamics are not suitable for a public area.
Anyway if you consider your remarks worth, please post it here.
Conversely if you use a system dpi zoom of 100%, you won't have any reason to test it.

SyMenu 6.06 alpha version

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