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Posts: 1014

Posts: 1014
Hi guys.
...and the new version is finally here.

If you read the beta version announcement, you already know what are the new features:
  • The SPS installation process has been lightened
  • Every item launched through SyMenu is managed first by the extension manager
  • The label color becomes customizable in the SyMenu themes
  • Bug fix. I fixed all the problem due to the annoying GDI leak (
An important thing I want to make clear here, is the SyMenu reliability.
Before every release I check the two SyMenu packages (zip and exe) with
My intention is to release every version without being recognize as a threat by the main antivirus software.

This version was found perfectly clean but some users start to report issues with an AV not implemented by VirusTotal (Windows Defender).
If you are in this situation, please report the false positive to your AV producer and not to me. In this way you'll help SyMenu and all the other users.

Thank you.

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