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Posts: 2
Hello at all.
I found somewhere in internet ( i don't remember where) the plugin in the subject.
I see it is not present in the plugin list in this forum and i thought it's not update.
I'd like, if it's possible, maintain it update because for me it's very simple to use but, unfortunately, actually it not find the current version of more PAF programs, and the PAF programs find are not all those present in the web site.
I don't understand well how others users in this forum integrate apps in Symenu upset
How can i have the source code of this plugin to find a way to update it?
I currently use SyMenu v.6.00.6406 and the PAF Plugin (as i can read in file-->properties-->detailes) v. (2014)
Emanuele Tinari

P.s. @GianlucaNegrelli: You can answer me in my gmail too, tnx in advance.

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