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Posts: 1027
Dear SyMenu users.

I open this new forum to start creating a SyMenu program suite.
It is a huge task but with a little help from everyone it will become possible.

The key to create the SyMenu program suite is SPS. SPS is a documenting format file thought to add a portable program to the SyMenu suite easily and quickly.
I skip all the technical details and reach immediately the meaning of that with a simple example.

Do you want that your favourite portable program is included into SyMenu suite?
1) Create the SPS file for the program.
2) Send the SPS file to UGMFree.

Stop, end, finish, termination, close. You don't need an hosting service, you don't need a web site, you don't have to create an installer package, you don't have to do any other activity accomplishable only by a trained programmer.

The spontaneous question now is "how the hell can I create an SPS file for a portable program?".
Create a profile in this forum if you haven't one yet.
Download SPS Builder from here or directly from SyMenu, execute it and fill the textboxes in the main form.
When you finish press the button "Save in UGM". Your SPS will be send to UGMFree automatically.
You even have a tools to validate your entries before creating the SPS to avoid formal errors.
If you have difficulty to understand what to enter in the form fields, load into the SPS Builder one of the SPS file already available in SyMenu to better understand the meaning of the various fields.

SyMenu starting from version 4.00, will offer its suite like a smartphone app store does: go to Tools - Get new apps from the contextual menu, choose a program from a list, click to add and execute it. No need to configure programs, no need to download the entire suite, no need to manually update the program you add. Terrific!

Here you can find the complete list of the program already included in the SyMenu SPS suite
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