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The SyMenu Portable Suite

Here is a suggestion... There are three utility suites that I like to have with me when I go to see a client:
1) NirSoft - you already know about this one and I'm glad you have already included their utilities.
2) PortableApps - you know about these too but your menu arrangement is different than the locations they have in their distribution. IMHO, you have a far better menu system and interface to it, but they have a more refined menu with the PortableApp applications sorted into predefined default group folders (Accessibility, Development, Graphics, etc, etc, etc)
3) Windows Sysinternals - My guess is that you are probably already aware of these but if not you can take a look at These have been around almost forever in computer terms and they were good enough that Microsoft spent millions to bring them in house and give all the developers million dollar jobs as well. These apps are updated all the time and can either be downloaded individually, but they are also available as a suite. My thought is that it would certainly be legal to create a menu environment for these just so long as you actually download the apps from Microsoft.

The last thing that I thought I would mention... I read your response to not having a local copy of the SyMenu manual and I understand your policy. But I think that a menu link within SyMenu to the internet location using the default browser is appropriate.

Thanks, Tim

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