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14 days ago
Posts: 871
The new version is finally out.
It's a great new version with some useful new features. I'm sorry if some bugs are still there, but the users feedback on the beta version were quite positive. Anyway, please report any oddity you will found.

This is the changelog:
  • When some SPS programs are outdated, SyMenu alerts the user directly from the contextual menu
  • The report has been included and published for the SyMenu suite applications
  • An SPS program flagged as auto update, is highlight with a new banner AUT when its definition is just updated
  • Alert for massive program installation under the SyMenu root to avoid performance issues
  • The two options to install under the suite named folder have been removed
  • Custom tooltip duration can be set directly in the configuration file
  • Fix for occasional failure on SSL handshake
  • 7zip new version


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