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Posts: 14
It comes from the same author as the - Technician Toolbox, but it has many other features that will restore features in a corrupt Windows OS. - Windows Repairs section as always been completely free for personal use. - Windows Repair is a tool designed help fix a vast majority of known Windows problems including; registry errors, file permissions, issues with Internet Explorer, Windows Updates, Windows Firewall and more. Malware and poorly installed programs can modify your default settings resulting in your machine working poorly - or worse. With Windows Repair you can restore Windows original settings fixing many of these problems outright.

Video courtesy of MajorGeeks:

Malware and poorly installed or uninstalled programs can modify your settings resulting in your machine working poorly, unexpectedly - or worse. Windows Repair is an advanced tool designed help fix a large majority of these known Windows problems including:

Registry Errors,
File Permissions Problems
Internet Explorer Problems
Internet Connection Problems
Windows Updates Issues
Windows Firewall Problems and more.

With Windows Repair you can restore Windows original settings fixing many of these problems outright.

The repairs section has always been entirely free for personal use. We offer a Pro version that adds additional features and optimizations like:

Automatic Updates,
Enhanced Windows Drive Cleaner,
Memory Cleaner,
Windows Quick Link Menu
Run Your Custom Scripts After Repairs,
Run Speed Tweaks After Repairs
Performance Enhancements and more.

New v4 Pro Additions:

Streamlined, Updated Interface
Permissions Backup and Restore of the Registry and File System
Windows Firewall Cleanup Utility
Missing Packages Registry Cleanup
Unhide Files Tools - Important for Malware Cleanup
Restore Default Printer Ports Repair
Add Trusted Installer (Owner / Permissions) to Any File, Folder or .reg Key.
Run Any Program as System Account
Advanced, Powerful Windows Services Tools
Comprehensive Help File

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