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Posts: 155
One of the tasks of the SPS publisher app is to verify that updates to the app.
This can be done quickly by monitoring changes of the ChangeLog page or the download links page with any program.
I use WebMon by Colin Markwell (present in SyMenu Suite), easy, powerful and free program.
For your SPS published apps, you must write in the database of WebMon (screenshots):
1) the URL of desired Web page.
2) The Start and the Stop text of the desired track block in the page (for instance, the link's paragraph, or the news of changelot. You can be accurate reading the HTML code)
The problem is that WebMon don't read HTTPS (for instance SourceForge).

So, I made a VBScript with the same philosophy using curl (HTTPS works).

1) Download the attached file and decompress the script folder.
2) Download the curl-7.50.2-win32-mingw.7z file from (Thanks Viktor Szakáts)
3) Extract the three curl libraries files and copy then to script folder:
• curl-7.50.2-win32-mingw\bin\curl.exe
• curl-7.50.2-win32-mingw\bin\curl-ca-bundle.crt
• curl-7.50.2-win32-mingw\bin\libcurl.dll

1) You must write the parameters in "My_SPS_Published_List.txt" (the format it's very similar to SPS files).
2) Run "SPS_Published_Track.vbs" the first time with "R" -> Renovate (create) stored web block track
3) Run "SPS_Published_Track.vbs" with "C" -> Comprobate web block track when you want track the changes

Logical, if you update you SPS App you must renovate the track block.

I hope it have some utility for someone. It's in trial period so not guaranteed. You can modify as you want.
(Note: You can activate "run iexplorer in web changes" in line 121 erasing REM. You can modify the stored block in "SPS_Published_Track_Data.txt" with NotePad for simulate a web change)

Update in SyMenu plugin: SPS_Published_Track
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