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Posts: 1003
First of all I discovered that Emule doesn't exist in a full portable version but it is possible to force it to become portable, playing with its configuration files.

This is the step by step procedure:
- Download the Emule zipped version from web site and unzipped it in a removable folder (for example "J:\SyMenu\ProgramFiles\Emule").

- During first start Emule asks for a complete configuration through a simple wizard.
- At the end of first configuration it creates in "C:\Users[user]\AppData\Local\" (tried on Windows Vista) a new Emule folder with two folders inside (Config and Logs). Config folder contains all configuration set up with wizard.
- In Emule menu Options - Directories, change Incoming folder and Temp folder with relative paths (.\Incoming and .\Temp).
- Close Emule and copy all files located inside "C:\Users[user]\AppData\Local\Emule\config" folder into "J:\SyMenu\ProgramFiles\Emule\config".
- Restart again and now Emule is perfectly portable because now it uses configuration files in removable drive.

There is one last problem.
If you start Emule through SyMenu, folders Incoming and Temp are created in SyMenu folder and not in expected "J:\SyMenu\ProgramFiles\Emule" folder..

To avoid this problem, modify Emule configuration in SyMenu and among SyProgram Advanced Params set Working Directory.
Specifying ".\ProgramFiles\Emule" in this texbox (SyMenu fills the correct path for you when you check Advanced Params), when SyMenu opens Emule, Incoming folder and Temp folder are correctly created where you set (i.e. in removable drive).


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