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Posts: 1021
Dear SyMenu users,

A new version is finally out.
For a complete changelog, please go to the download page.

Here I would like to only explain the main feature for this release.

A lot of people told me that the SPS installation commands are not so clear.

It's true. If you are used to massively manage your SPS (like me) you check the programs you want to update/install/delete and apply the massive action with the "Apply all" button. For me it's quite clear.

But if you want to manage a single app the massive button is counterintuitive... why the hell I should do something like "Apply all" when my intention is to install a single program?

To solve this problem In the past I added the program contextual commands. So for those who still doesn't know it, try to right click on every SPS row and you'll see all the special options for that program.

Naturally the contextual menu is sensible to the context (really...?) and offers to you only the commands suitable with that particular program.

To explain better you don't find a delete option for a program you have not installed yet.

But again the contextual menu is not so intuitive.

So what?

Well the solution is simple. Now you have the management command directly in the program detail box, near the program title.

I hope now these three ways to interact with your SPS suite program, could be enough for all and intuitive enough to allow you not to read the manual..

By the way guys, RTFM.... always.


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