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Posts: 1003
Hello to all.

Many users ask for an integration between SyMenu and Truecrypt.
The goal is to auto mount Truecrypt volumes at SyMenu startup.

Truecrypt already has an useful set of command that can help to accomplish this task.
Let's see how it works.

1) Create a SyProgram that point to Truecrypt executable file .
In my case the 'Name' attribute is:
TrueCrypt Automount
and 'Path' is:

2) Remember to check 'Auto Execute' checkbox for this entry. In this way when SyMenu starts it'll execute the program.
In the same way in 'Configuration - Options - Startup' menu, remember to check 'Autoexec' that allows SyMenu to launch every program with checked 'Auto Execute' checkbox during startup.

3) In 'Parameters' my configuration is:
/v #:\ /l T /a /p ciccio /q background

/v #:\ (or /volume) specifies full path of file volume.
In my case crypted file resides on the same SyMenu drive so I have to specify the 'Universal unit Identifier' (#:/) as drive.
SyMenu replaces #:/ dinamically according to unit of your USB drive.

/l T (or /letter) specifies the mount unit of your volume.
Use a letter that is surely free, in my case T:\.

/a (or /auto) specifies that volume has to be auto-mounted.

/p ciccio (or /password) specifies the password, in my case is the word 'ciccio', of your crypted volume.
I think that this parametre should be omitted to make this thing sense.

/q background (or /quit background) specifies that Truecrypt has to remain active in task bar.


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