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With the zip package you need an unpacker program to unzip SyMenu.
Put the unzipped files into an empty folder and execute the file SyMenu.exe
Exe exe package (1.745 Kb)
With the exe package, execute the downloaded exe file and follow the instruction.
When finished you can execute the file SyMenu.exe

Warning & Bug fix

[2010.02.21] - Version 1.09.3703 can't scan empty folders in Batch importer.
If you downloaded that version please download the fixed one (v.1.09.3704).

SyMenu requirements and prerequisites

SyMenu runs on Windows 2000, XP, 2003 Server, Vista, 2008 Server, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (both 32bit and 64bit versions)
You need .NET Framework 2.0 or higher installed.
Download .NET Framework 2.0 for x86 systems or .NET Framework 2.0 for x64 systems from Microsoft web site.

Language files

English US -
Chinese (Traditional) - 陳嚮陽 (Yang)
Czech - Richard Kahl
Dutch - Jan Roelof
English GB - sl23
Finnish - VeikkoM
French - Marc Giraudou
German - Björn Hanke
Greek - Ilias Mitzias
Hungarian - Janos Meggzeshazi
Italian -
Korean - Wonjae Park
Polish - Radek Skórzak (Radsoft)
Portuguese Brazilian - Rogério Silva
Portuguese - Luis Neves
Romanian - FileCroco
Russian - Руслан Кутлиахметов (Ruslan Kutliakhmetov)
Spanish - Ignacio Bezanilla Díaz
Swedish - Åke Engelbrektson

If someone want to help with new translations feel free to contact me.

User manual proof-reading

David Roper


SyMenu graphics is by tenten71

What's new

Version 5.05.6111 [2016.09.24]
  • The Extension manager now manages more than one program for the same extension
  • SPS Manager allows to install a program inside the root or inside a logical folder named as: its categoy, its program suite, a combination among the two
  • Most executed item menu. Shows the most executed items ordered by execution time
  • The tooltip has a new optional element: the execution counter
  • It's possible to launch a program in elevated mode from the configuration form too
  • New Korean language
  • SPS: new function on script after install: CopyDir
  • SPS: on script after install the RenFile delete the target file if it already exists
  • SPS: contact link supports now the query string subject. Example:
Version 5.04.6066 [2016.08.10]
  • The tooltip delay is now customizable directly form the configuration file. File SyMenuConfig.xml, tag tooltipItems, attribute delay, default value 5000 milliseconds
  • SPS: Inno setup packages can receive installation arguments (for flag -a)
  • Bug fix SPS: contextual menu on SPS grid throws an error if the folder or the file doesn't exist
  • Bug fix SPS: a file name can have a comma on script after install
  • Bug fix SPS: trash folder can contain long paths
Version 5.03.6053 [2016.07.27]
  • Bug fix
Version 5.03.6038 [2016.07.13]
  • Bug fix
Version 5.03.6034 [2016.07.09]
  • Bug fix
Version 5.03 [2016.06.19]
  • The item description is now a multiline textbox (use ALT + 09 to insert a TAB character)
  • You can add one or more hashtags to the program description. SyMenu will preserve them even in case you reload the built in description
  • SPS Manager: with the program grid focused you can press a key to select the first element whose name starts for that letter
  • SPS Manager: the search tool finds now every single word and not the exact phrase only
  • Bug fix
  • SPS Builder: script after install
Version 5.02 [2016.04.19]
  • The search bar has evolved: now it is able to search inside the items description too. With the search inside the description mode, you can specify more than one word or portion of word and every chunk will be search in AND
  • SPS Manager: you can execute or open the container folder of the currently focused item with a right mouse click on the program list
  • An item can be emphasized
  • Bug fix
  • SPS Builder: the script before install supports now the extended syntax with the THEN command (example: 7z THEN foo.rar)
Version 5.01 [2016.03.08]
  • The big floating icon can be minimized
  • The contextual item tooltip inherits the main graphical theme and it can show the program version
  • SPS Manager: optionally a new SPS program can be installed on a special folders named according to the program category
  • SPS Manager: it's possible to select more than one SPS at a time using the SHIFT key modifier along with the left mouse button
  • SPS Manager: you can copy, with a mouse right click, the app publisher url, the SPS program url, the SPS author contact
  • SPS Manager: the completely new SPS have are now differently identified from the just updated ones
  • SPS Manager: new filter for updatable and added programs
  • SPS Manager: if your SPS collection has not been refreshed in the last 15 days the system alerts you
  • In the configuration form you have a button to download the original web page title for the SyWebLink items
  • On a command argument if the argument path start with ^. (escape dot) it won't be resolved.
    For example
    ^.\ becomes .\
    ^^.\ becomes ^.\
    Resolution of relative path meets these priorities:
    1) SyMenu resolves . relatively to its same folder
    2) If you escape the . (^.) and a Working folder is available SyMenu doesn't resolve . because it represents the Working folder
    3) If you escape the . (^.) and no Working folder is available SyMenu doesn't resolves . because it represents the executable file path
  • The PAF plugin has been removed
  • In the configuration form you can add new elements even if you are not focusing a container element using the Item Manager menu. Conversely the contextual menu only offers the options available for the currently focused element
  • Bug fix
Version 5.00 [2016.01.23]
  • SyMenu lands on  facebook and Linked in
  • New fully customizable menu structure
  • New command line for menu structure: -msnormal -msadvanced
  • New command line for user custom variables: -cvfoo=text -cv"foo=text" -cv"foo foo"=text -cv"foo foo=text text" (the -cv flag can be used more than once)
  • Customizable floating button icon. It works with 48x48 png, jpg, gif, bmp images but if it is a png one it shows the transparency too
  • New option to show the contextual menu on start button mouse hover
  • The file flag READONLY can be ineffective for a certain PC if the file name is followed by a dot and the machine name
  • New element in contextual menu to directly go to SyMenu options
  • New form license
  • New form options
  • The contextual menus scrollable buttons are now bigger to simplify the use on touch screen devices
  • Bug fix: disabled the update on a readonly unit or forced by a file flag
  • Bug fix: memory leak when thousands of elements are added
  • Other bug fixes
Version 4.14 [2015.11.14]
  • Bug fix
Version 4.14 [2015.11.07]
  • Added the right click feature (action modifier changer) to compact menu too
  • In SPS Manager the mouse right click on download url, stealth, dependency and notes copies the text into the system clipboard
  • New icon extractor
  • Command line arguments
  • Custom program files folder
  • Tons of bug fix
Version 4.13 [2015.10.17]
  • Compatibility for multi monitor environment
  • A mouse right click on the contextual items changes the current action modifier
  • The taskbar icon tooltip is customizable with free text and SyMenu vars
  • UAC elevation on demand on autostart and autoclose for every item
  • Options form reorganization
  • Increased speed for the SyItem search engine
  • Increased speed during start up
  • From a web link you can directly download the favicon
  • If SyMenu runs in elevated mode the UAC icon is visible in the desktop floating icon too
  • If a feature such as autoexec on start/close and extension manager is disabled at the general level, the relative label is italicized in the configuration form
  • Bug fix SPS: the update process for the SPS programs now works correctly
  • Bug fix: Windows shutdown and restart now is managed correctly and SyMenu is able to serialize the current execution counter, recent files and floating button position
  • Read here for further news
Version 4.12 [2015.08.17]
  • A new icon appears on the contextual menu when SyMenu executes with elevated privileges
  • Executor modifiers became always visible
  • Added two new executor modifiers to execute item with elevated privileges and to configure an item
  • New icons on executor modifier
  • Flag file READONLY
  • Bug fix: on SyMenu start the controls for the file system permission are now improved
  • Bug fix: SPS Manager now always shows the item description
Version 4.11 [2015.06.26]
  • Extended compatibility to Inno Setup installer for the SPS Manager
  • SPS Manager can now install, update, remove several programs at the same time
  • SPS Manager is now able to manage the working dir and the program parameters during update and delete
  • Bug fix
Version 4.10 [2015.05.08]
  • Bug fix
Version 4.09 [2015.05.03]
  • Customizable font size on the contextual menu
  • Drag and drop programs and file directly on the start menu replacer button
  • Optional confirmation on exit
  • Compatibility extended to Windows Server Core
  • New language: Danish
  • Bug fix
Version 4.08 [2015.04.10]
  • SPS manager shows the download link, note, dependencies and stealth attributes with graphical icons
  • Added a new proxy menu in the configuration form
  • New shortcut to focus the SPS filter textbox
  • Bug fix
Version 4.07 [2015.03.31]
  • Bug fix
Version 4.06 [2015.03.04]
  • Sysinternals suite has been enabled to SPS Suites
  • SPS programs could be filtered with a search tool
  • Management of the SPS suites trash
  • The freshest released SPS programs (10 days) are highlighted with a label
  • SPS programs folder paths are now unchangeable despite the programs version
  • SPS create _CacheCustom folder for every suite to host che users' custom SPS
  • Bug fix
Version 4.05 [2015.02.06]
  • Bug fix
Version 4.04 [2015.02.04]
  • New implementation on SPS Manager
Version 4.03 [2015.02.03]
  • The NirSoft program suite has been published in the SPS Manager
  • Check SyMenu version during the check for new SPS
  • Bug fix
Version 4.02 [2015.01.28]
  • Improvement on the SPS Manager form
  • Bug fix
Version 4.01 [2015.01.24]
  • Form configuration and SPS manager save their location and size
  • Bug fix
Version 4.00 [2015.01.14]
  • SPS SyMenu suite
  • Look and feel
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